Comme des Carrés

What happens when Japanese ‘Anti-Fashion’ house Comme des Garçons meets French luxury titan Hermès? COMME DES CARRÉS. A collaboration which has brought to live some very unique, limited edition scarves, where each brand stayed true to its identity. Gingham, Polka dots and strong print being Comme des Garçons’ trademark, as are the beautiful silk scarves to Hermès. The scarves were launched in-store today and are also available online.


CDG x Hermès Quadrige


CDG x Hermès Circuit 24 Faubourg


CDG x Hermès Circuit 24 Faubourg Couvertures Et Tenues De Jour Couleur

To showcase this unique collaboration, an Hermès x CDG display has currently overtaken the Dover Street Market window:


Dover Street Market Window: CDG x Hermès display

For more images go to the Dover Street Market website or better head down to the store and see for yourself. If you have never been to Dover Street Market, it’s a must see. You can easily spend a couple of hours here, being inspired by this eclectic space: as much a fashion store as it is an art installation, a gallery, a market place with a beautiful cafe on the top floor where you can stop off for a cup of tea and some very delicious food. Enjoy!



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