Changing Colour

I’ve had blond hair for the past 6 years, maybe longer and while I loved my highlights it was time for something new. I’ve only been talking about changing my hair colour for the past 2 years or so ;)

So yesterday I found myself at John Frieda Mayfair with my colourist of 4 years Cetera. She is amazing! For anyone in need of a colourist she’s your girl. Over the years that I’ve been her client I’ve had many people compliment me on my highlights asking me where I get them done. That’s actually how I found her – I saw a lady with beautiful highlight and asked her who had done them. Cetera’s not only great with colour and a joy to chat to, she actually takes time to listen to what you are after, tells you what is realistically possible and gives you advice on what will and won’t work.

My hair was at this ‘1 inch of roots horribleness’ stage and I wanted to transform it so it looked as if I had grown out my blond over the past six month or so. Cetera did a fantastic job in achieving exactly that. What looks very natural actually took several layers of colour, lots of backcombing, more colour and balayage… anyway it’s done and I am very happy. Here’s a snapshots of the result:




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