Repossi SS13 Ad Campaign

I am a huge fan of fine jewellery brand Repossi and have posted about the Berbère rings which have reached absolute cult status before. Repossi is designed by Gaia Repossi whose great grandfather founded the label in 1925. At only 26 years of age with a great sense of style, aesthetics and simplicity in design she has set new rules for fine jewellery, creating contemporary must have pieces.

Today I stumbled across Repossi’s Spring Summer Ad campaign (the first print campaign in two years) in French Vogue – I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Featuring Norwegian model Iselin Steiro, photographed by David Sims and styled by Joe McKenna, the campaign consists of seven portraits combined in color or black-and-white to make up four separate double-page spreads. I am particularly loving the wrist cuffs which I had not seen before – amazing!

Iselin-Steiro-x-Repossi-Spring-Summer-2013-Campaign Iselin-Steiro-x-Repossi-Spring-Summer-2013-Campaign-photographed-by-David-Sims_4 Iselin-Steiro-x-Repossi-Spring-Summer-2013-Campaign-photographed-by-David-Sims_3 Iselin-Steiro-x-Repossi-Spring-Summer-2013-Campaign-photographed-by-David-Sims_2 Iselin-Steiro-x-Repossi-Spring-Summer-2013-Campaign-photographed-by-David-Sims



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