Wardrobe SOS?

Spring seems to have finally arrived! What better time to give your closet a make over, storing away the heavy winter gear and bringing to light all those pieces you can wear right now, some you might not even remember owning.

A dreaded task by many, overwhelming, but once complete leaving you feeling so much better. Many of my clients describe the wardrobe detox as a liberating and freeing experience.


Remember a full closet doesn’t mean many outfits, often the contrary is the case. Having a working wardrobe that is clear and well structured will save you a lot of time whilst leaving you with outfits you actually ARE wearing. It will also highlight which pieces your wardrobe may be missing for it to be complete and which pieces you have too many of.

Generally during a wardrobe detox we will go through your entire closet, re-arranging it by product type and colour which not only makes it easy to find things but also leaves your wardrobe looking much nicer. A wardrobe clear out involves a lot of trying on, just because a garment looks great on the hanger doesn’t mean it is the right garment for you and vice versa. I will help you to eliminate the unloved, the unflattering, the impulse buys and provide advice on what to wear, how to wear it and suggest new items to bring your wardrobe up to date.

To book or to find out more please contact me .

Oh and I am back btw :) Love Sonja x



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