Cartier Love Bracelet


While walking through Harrods today to check out Bond No. 9 fragrances (that’s another subject) I walked passed Cartier and was reminded of the iconic love bracelets.


The classic all gold bangle, available in white, yellow or pink gold studded with or without diamonds features a very simple design giving it its timeless appeal. It compliments all kinds of other jewellery items (your watch, friend ship bracelets, etc.) but can also be worn in its own right or doubled up (some people wear more, but I think that’s a vit much). Personally I particularly like it worn with a watch or a contrasting item such as wooden prayer beads, something unexpected.



The story behind the love bracelets is a beautiful one: The design which was introduced in 1970 was originally conceived to symbolise eternal love. Each bracelet is fastened on the wearer’s wrist and can only be taken apart using a tiny screwdriver – Rumour has it that there are still some women who were gifted it back in the seventies and have never taken it off. Nowadays though it can stand for anything: the birth of a child, a graduation gift or even as a gift to yourself ;)



The Cartier Love bracelet; a fashion investment that lasts! Buy from Cartier.



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