Ileana Makri

In my eyes finding nice jewellery is not easy. Yes, there are the obvious choices such as Tiffany’s et al, but if you’re looking for something a little more extravagant you may struggle. I think that Dover Street Market London offers one of the best jewellery selections in London. Amongst which, Greek jewellery designer Ileana Makri.


Ileana Makri’s line, launched in 1996, features precious gems and multicultural symbols using only the finest materials such as 18k gold, diamonds, rubies as well as various colors of sapphires and gemstones.


Her unique designs are uncompromisingly contemporary and simultaneously timeless having catapulted her to one of the fine jewellery brands around. Her pieces add an edgy opulence to any look and will leave you not wanting to take them off again!


Shop in-store from Dover Street Market or online from net-a-porter.



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