Acqua Di Parma

As I was walking along the street today a guy passed me and with him an amazing smell. Do you know when this happens, someone passes you and you can smell their perfume? He was walking pretty fast and by the time I had decided I needed to know the name of the perfume he was wearing he was quite far ahead of me, so I found myself running after him. When I caught up with him our conversation went a little like this:
I: “Excuse me, hi, which perfume do you wear? It smells amazing” He: “I don’t think I put any on….” Aha.. not possible I think. Then after a little pause, he adds: “I think it must be my jacket (smells it) – it’s Acqua Di Parma.” Aha (again) but which one?? That he doesn’t know. So a little later I find myself in the perfume section of a department store and tell the Sales Assistant above story, trying to describe the scent (not that easy, yes it was amazing, fresh but also warm, floral but not too much, somewhat earthy and warm… You get the picture). We tried a few and I think the one he was wearing was the Classic Colonia ;)


Now I could be wrong but this definitly smells very, very nice and works for men and women alike.

Whilst browsing the entire Acqua Di Parma range (just to be sure…) I also came across Mirto di Panarea, 1 of 5 scents of the Blu Mediterraneo line, which also smells amazing!


But it’s no good writing about a scent, you’ll have to go and smell it for yourself!



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