Off Duty – Liu Wen

Models… They get to wear some of the most amazing creations by the finest designers, but what do they wear off the catwalk?
I find it very interesting to see models ‘off duty’ revealing their own, personal style. One of my favourites is Chinese fashion model Liu Wen, who has walked for names such as Chanel, Hemès and Jean Paul Gaultier, regularly featured in Vogue (et al) editorials and who ranked #5 on the Top 50 Models Women List by in 2012. Her style is young, preppy and a little quirky – that’s what I like about her.

Liu-Wen-Off-Duty_6 Liu-Wen-Off-Duty_5 Liu-Wen-Off-Duty_4 Liu-Wen-Off-Duty_3 Liu-Wen-Off-Duty_2 Liu-Wen-Off-Duty



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