Addicted to…

… the smell of Le Labo’s Patchouli 24 perfume oil.


Le Labo is my absolute favourite brand when it comes to candles (read earlier post), but they also offer an extensive, unique perfume and body care range worth checking out. All Le Labo scents come in form of perfume, perfume oil and perfume balm, complimented by shower gel, body lotion and massage oil. All products can be personalised by adding your name to them (or whatever else you may wish to put on them) making them a great gift too.

The smell of Patchouli 24 (the number behind each scent tells you the number of ingredients in  it) is absolutely unique – I have never smelt anything like it. It smells like burnt wood, smokey, leathery combined with a sweetness I can’t quite put my finger on. It really is addictive, after you’ve put it on you simply want to smell it again and again.

Personally I like the perfume oil best, you can use it on your hair and body, add it to your washing powder or a carrier oil for a very subtle smell.

There is a lovely little Le Labo boutique located just off Marylebone High street where you can sample all the products as well as a concession within Liberty (products can also be ordered online). The staff at Le Labo are absolutely lovely and know what they are talking about – be sure to go check it out sometime x



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