Sacai Contrast Pleated Shorts

Wow – I came  across these Contrast Pleated Shorts from one of my favourite labels, Sacai, today (read earlier post about Sacai).


They are so amazing – just add a little grey T-shirt or a fitted navy blue knit sweater and you are dressed! I often think that online shops don’t showcase pieces very well, (for the sake of cross selling or simply bad styling?) they combine them with other pieces that don’t work or that make an outfit too complicated and thus inaccessible to potential customers.

Most people would probably say that a pair of shorts like the above will not suit them – these are the things you need to get out of your head. Fashion is meant to be fun, don’t take it all this serious, just experiment with it. It’s all about trying things and finding what works for you.
Investing in an item that is a little less mainstream and a bit more experimental (obviously it needs to be the right one for you, not just for the sake of it) will really set your wardrobe apart from those of others and help you define your own personal style.

Unless you are part of Anna Dello Russo’s crowd, she is the Editor of Japanese Vogue, where more is more, you should let the shorts do the talking and keep everything else very minimal. In order to show you what the shorts look like on, here are some model images, even though I would combine them differently ;)

Sacai-Contrast-Pleated-Shorts_2 Sacai-Contrast-Pleated-Shorts_3 Sacai-Contrast-Pleated-Shorts_4

The shorts are available from Feathers London (in-store and online) and through farfetch.

Sacai offers a great range of wardrobe staples (tees, tops, dresses, etc) but always with a twist (i.e. contrasting fabrics, a lace trim, a ruffled pleat) making them so special and really worth checking out. Click here to see more from Sacai.



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