SALE time

I can’t believe that we’re already approaching the end of the SS13 season, when it feels like summer has not even arrived yet. But with big sites like Matches on sale now and Net-a-Porter to follow swiftly (a bird told me their sale is due to commence June 17th) we’re officially approaching the end of Spring Summer fashion.

I know that many of you get very excited about Sale time, but this is actually when many impulse buys happen, items which end up in your closet without ever being worn once. As tempting as it may seem to snap up an item at 30%, 50% or even 70% off, it’s not worth it if you’re not going to wear it. So when Sale shopping be sure to check whether you really like the item or only buying it because it’s a bargain. Would you have bought it at full price? Does it suit you, fit well (no good buying an item that will fit when you finally shed those last couple of pounds – Don’t!) ? Does it fit in with your remaining wardrobe and will you get a lot of wear out of it? All to be considered. You may even want to take a friend with you to give you an honest opinion.

Other than that Happy Sale Shopping!



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