Adding Colour

Colours and how you combine them are such an important part of a working wardrobe. Too many people go for all black (much too hard for most) and are afraid of wearing colourful items. It’s not a case of going to extremes, wearing bright clashing colours, which look great too but may be a little too out there for most, simply changing your colour palette to those colours that work well with your skin tone and that you can mix and match into your existing wardrobe will make a huge difference.

Much like colour itself also the material is very important. Depending on your wardrobe personality different fabrics will suit you. Generally speaking you should think light, flowing materials such as silk or chiffon, which look amazing paired with heavier fabrics such as wool or denim (which is in short my idea of always ‘breaking up’ an outfit), but other materials such as velvet for example can look great too.

Here are just a few street style and catwalk examples on how to incorporate some colour into your wardrobe. For a personalised analysis you can contact me here.

90713onepiece3031web1 street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_13130564_1200x
 © The Sartorialist





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