Adelphe Jewellery

Adelphe (meaning sisters in Greek) was launched in 2012 by Phillipa Hasting and Sophie Theakston, who you may have guessed are sisters. Their jewellery collection comprises of earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings offering a mix of ‘old’ and ‘new’.

There is a vast selection of entirely unique vintage pieces, re-worked and put in a contemporary context:


As well as new pieces, like these bangles (love!) made from solid gold with diamonds, all hand made to order (think your initials, those of your kids or loved ones):


There’s also a beautiful range of black diamond pieces and delicate seed pearl and gold rosaries inspired by their travels to India:


I stumbled across some of Adelphe’s pieces today at one of my favourite London boutiques The Cross in Holland Park while shopping with one of my clients. This boutique is a real gem – whether you are after clothes, accessories, gifts, home decorations; they have it covered. They have a vast selection of brands on offer, amongst them some of my favourites like Attic & Barn, Duffy, Forte Forte, 360 Sweater and Brooke Gregson along with some one off vintage pieces. Plus the staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. One of very few boutiques, that is actually a little different. If you have not yet been to the Cross, you should definitely go check it out and pssst… new pieces from Adelphe due to come in next month.



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