Samuel Gassmann

I don’t usually blog mens products on here, but for these cufflinks by French designer Samuel Gassmann I’ll make an exception – they are just too nice, and who knows, you might just be looking for a little gift inspiration…? I came across them a couple of weeks back when I was in my former hometown Frankfurt, Germany and they are even nicer in the flesh than on photos.


Samuel, a former art exhibition curator and freelance journalist, began researching the “Origin of the Button” for a documentary project in 2007. It was then that “he became drawn to its historical context”. He used cufflinks as a means to recreate the concept of the “button who wanders through different shirts” in the modern day.

Whether in the shape of buttons,


or numbers

plus many more, they are all handmade in Paris and sorted by dress code – day, evening and sports wear ;) Have a look at his site for the full collection as well as stockists near you.



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