Lola Palooza – Jenny Packham

Sometimes you discover a little hidden gem when and where you least expect it. That’s exactly what happened to me this weekend. We were visiting friends in Godalming, Surrey. After a beautiful, sunny day spent with friends in the countryside, we happened to walk passed a little shop on Godalming’s ‘highstreet’. I liked the look of it and so went it.

What I found was Julie Lewis’ Lolapalooza. A small eclectic boutique which started out as a pop up store, but has remained there due to its popularity, featuring an assortment of designer evening wear, day dresses, beautiful silk night gowns, accessories, children’s wear, jewellery and home interiors. Everything in the shop is for sale and there are some real gems at unbelievable discounted prices. All selected and collected by Julie.

My absolute favourite was this sequin dress with flower embroidery by Jenny Packham – imagine it worn with sneakers and a little denim jacket to take away the barbie charm:


It is truly stunning and I am not sure the photos do it justice, you may just have to go and look for yourself. The shop is definitely worth a visit.



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