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The Ring – MoNO Handcrafted Jewellery

It was about 2-3 years ago when I found myself in Las Dalias in Ibiza in front of a beautiful little jewellery stall which, I found out later, belonged to Nikki and Jorge, 2 very special people. Their label MoNO (the website merely reflects a fraction of their talent and extraordinary pieces though) features an eclectic mix of pieces: rings, necklaces, cuffs, earrings, the list is long. Each piece is hand crafted in Ibiza or to use Nikki’s email signature ‘in paradise’ and tells its own little story. It is that, that makes the pieces even more special, when either Nikki or Jorge tell you where each stone has come from, which material was used to craft a certain ring and why they used a certain type of thread to make a particular necklace.

Back to Last Dalias though and my first encounter with MoNO jewellery – It was there and then when I fell in love with their pieces, particularly a multi-ringed ring featuring several bands, silver, gold, copper and rose gold. A little like Cartier’s trinity rings but again very different.


The ring is made up of different bands which can be coin exteriors, square or round bands, the choice is yours.



Fast forward a few years and I am now the proud owner of exactly that ring and I love it so very much. My version is a mix of 6 rings (they can also make it with 3, 4, 5 or 7 rings): two silver, two yellow gold, one copper and one rose gold with 2 being smooth round, 3 being square bands and 1 being a patterned coin exterior. My boyfriend (I love you) got it for me as a surprise, had it engraved and fitted with my birthstone which makes it even more precious to me.

I wear it on my ring finger but in order to show it in a picture it shot better like this.

Nikki and Jorge have since become friends and I’m always very much looking forward to seeing them when we visit the island. They are two very talented and kind-hearted people, who work at their own pace, producing one of a kind pieces with the greatest amount of care and attention to the smallest detail – a rare find. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Ibiza make sure to visit their stall either Saturdays at Las Dalias or Sundays at the market in the beautiful village San Juan. If not and you’re interested in finding out more, email them. They have a great selection of photographs and can send pieces world wide.


Repossi Antifer Purple Rhodium Ring

Innovative jewellery house Repossi has come up with a set of new designs for Autumn 2014. My favourite is from the Antifer series. The single Antifer ring in purple Rhodium crafted in collaboration with DSM for DSMNY:

Shop here. The collection also features the ring in rose gold, black gold, stacked and with diamond pavé. 

To view more click here. Repossi is available from Browns London and Dover Street Market.

Nektar De Stagni

It has been rather quiet on here lately, this is not due to me having fallen into a Pre-Christmas coma, but because I simply couldn’t find anything post worthy (then again I am very picky).

Today however I stumbled across a necklace by New York based designer Nektar De Stagni. So cute and fun:


Makes for a great last minute Christmas present, in case you’re looking.

I love classic jewellery, such as pearls, made contemporary, simply by adding a modern twist like a Smiley Face. To view the necklace and more fun pieces from Nektar De Stagni head to Matches’ website.

Adelphe Jewellery

Adelphe (meaning sisters in Greek) was launched in 2012 by Phillipa Hasting and Sophie Theakston, who you may have guessed are sisters. Their jewellery collection comprises of earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings offering a mix of ‘old’ and ‘new’.

There is a vast selection of entirely unique vintage pieces, re-worked and put in a contemporary context:


As well as new pieces, like these bangles (love!) made from solid gold with diamonds, all hand made to order (think your initials, those of your kids or loved ones):


There’s also a beautiful range of black diamond pieces and delicate seed pearl and gold rosaries inspired by their travels to India:


I stumbled across some of Adelphe’s pieces today at one of my favourite London boutiques The Cross in Holland Park while shopping with one of my clients. This boutique is a real gem – whether you are after clothes, accessories, gifts, home decorations; they have it covered. They have a vast selection of brands on offer, amongst them some of my favourites like Attic & Barn, Duffy, Forte Forte, 360 Sweater and Brooke Gregson along with some one off vintage pieces. Plus the staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. One of very few boutiques, that is actually a little different. If you have not yet been to the Cross, you should definitely go check it out and pssst… new pieces from Adelphe due to come in next month.

Vestiaire Collective

Ever found yourself spotting a piece of clothing on someone only to find out that it’s last season’s? Well guess what you may still be able to track it down. Recently, while looking for a pair of my Lanvin sandals from SS11 for someone else, I came across, a luxury re-sale store where you can find every brand under the sun. From high street to high end – the list of brands is sheer endless. Including clothing, shoes and bags but also a vast selection on jewellery and watches.

But you need to be quick, some items sell within hours of being posted. Here are just 3 of my favourites:

Miu Miu Madras bag

Chanel Heels

Cartier Ballon Bleu

On you’re sure to find an item you missed the first time round and even if you’re not after a particular piece you’re sure to find something you like. Happy browsing x

Giving Back – From You with Love

It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers, but in our daily lives. – Dalai Lama

From You With Love‘ is a Charity bracelet, designed by the very talented Sabine Roemer (I’ll tell you more about her very soon), London based Goldsmith. It’s a concept that was created high in the Himalayan Valley of Ladakh in the midst of the 2010 Flood Disaster, completely inspired by the love and generosity endowed upon her and team on their quest for survival by the warm people of Ladakh.



With every bracelet you purchase, you will support a child in need. From you with love – a beautiful bracelet for a good cause. Shop Now