• A closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear?
  • Dread shopping or don’t have the time?
  • Confused about what to wear or how to wear it?

Here’s your answer:
My bespoke services will leave you with a wardrobe you’ll love. A wardrobe that is easy to wear & that feels fantastic every time you get dressed all the while saving you time, money and effort.

Complementary Initial Meeting
I offer a free 20 minute face-to-face meeting to discuss your needs and look at my services in more detail. To arrange, just contact me.


Wardrobe Detox
This is my flagship service, for those who have a wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing to wear – I will help you with clearing out and rearranging your closet, creating a capsule wardrobe full of clothes you love. I will help you eliminate the unloved, the unflattering, the impulse buys and provide advice on what to wear and suggest new items to bring it up to date. £90 / hour, min 2 hours.

Personal Shopping
For those who simply don’t have the time or just don’t like to go shopping, can’t seem to find anything that suits them or buy clothes they never wear. I will research the shops for you, based on your style preference, your size, your budget and your lifestyle. This is a very effortless and time saving service as you need never leave the changing room, as different sizes and styles are brought to you. £190 / outfit.

Accompanied Shopping
For those who would like someone to go shopping with offering on-hand advice – Whether you are looking for an outfit for a special occasion or simply an everyday outfit, I will plan a shopping trip based on your personal style, your outfit requirements, your budget and your lifestyle. £90 / hour, min 2 hours or £480 / day (6 hours).

Online Shopping Tutorials
For those who need assistance in buying clothes online. I will introduce you to buying fashion in its most contemporary form: Online. I will familiarise you with various fashion websites and guide you through the entire online shopping experience. From browsing a site to placing an order as well as explaining individual returns procedures. £90 / hour.

Wardrobe Staples
Ever find yourself staring into your closet, not knowing what to wear, ending up with the same outfit most of the time? Then this is for you. I will help you create a working wardrobe, analysing which wardrobe staples work for you based on your personal style, your shape and size, and your life style. You will receive quarterly email updates on which pieces to get and where to get them from, providing you with wardrobe staples you can mix and match to create new outfits all the time. Getting ready in the morning will be quick, easy and joyful without ever looking the same. One off face to face consultation £50, email subscription £20 / quarter or £50 / year.

Guided Fashion Tour
Planning a trip to London? Make the most of it with a personalised tour of London’s exciting fashion scene. I will plan a customised route, built around what you want from the experience and guide you through the global fashion capital making sure you have a fun time, much like when visiting a friend and being shown around the hottest places. You will get to see some very exciting shops you won’t find anywhere else with time to stop off for a lovely lunch or coffee at a beautiful, non-touristy venue. Spend a couple of hours and get an inside glimpse of London’s buzzing retail scene and snap up some wonderful outfits to take back home with you. £90 / hour, min 2 hours.



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