“I wholeheartedly recommend Sonja who brought a breath of fresh air to my tired and uninspired wardrobe. Sonja’s energy, creativity and flair for fashion made the whole process liberating and fun. As well as being personable, easy to be with and very generous, Sonja was able to quickly gain a sense of my personal style and work towards expanding and adapting it rather than trying to change it. I think this is a crucial quality for a stylist and want to say a big thank you to Sonja for helping me to transform my wardrobe and making the shopping experience so enjoyable.” Sophie, 40, Health professional.

If you are hesitating to contact Sonja I would urge you to put aside any concerns. Being with Sonja is a pleasure; she is kind, caring, passionate about style and very knowledgeable. You feel like you have known her for years. With Sonja’s help I have removed my unworn and unsuitable items and she has held my hand on my journey towards a softer, more youthful look. I love the new direction and confidence she has given me. Annabelle, 51, Headteacher.

“Dear Sonja, Thank you so much! For the 1st time in my life I enjoyed clothes shopping and felt comfortable trying on the pieces you picked out. Together with your wardrobe detox I now have a de-cluttered wardrobe with so many  outfits to chose from. Getting dressed has never been so easy.” Tobias, 36, CEO.

“Dear Sonja, I feel liberated and so happy. You did an amazing job. Incredible… perfect. You won’t get rid of me now!!” Tina, 53, Interior

I can’t recommend Sonja’s services enough – she is simply a wonderful person and very, very good at what she does! She did a thorough wardrobe detox for me (not even leaving out the socks drawer), and was excellent at determining a style that works for me and most of all
is very wearable in my busy everyday life.

She was incredibly efficient, in a mere 2 hrs we got through my entire wardrobe and it became clear to me what had to go and what was still missing. It was such a liberating experience for me, to get rid of things that just didn’t work, though beforehand I never understood why that was.

Sonja is a very approachable and warm person! The thought of having a total stranger come to my house and help me with such a fairly intimate task took quite a bit of getting used to at first, but straight away we connected and she couldn’t have been lovelier! I felt like I was having a good friend around, not someone I’ve never met before. She made me feel completely at ease and we have since stayed in touch – every time she sees something fashion related she thinks might work for me she sends me an email with a photo of the item and comments on it.

This ongoing support and service has become absolutely invaluable for me. I find that in total I am spending less money on fewer but nicer things that simply work for me, and I just feel great with it. I have since recommended her on to a number of friends, all of whom have been as happy as me with the result. Stephanie, 40, Mother of 3 and Yoga teacher.

“Sonja thank you for a great, fun filled afternoon. I don’t remember the last time I had that much fun shopping. And with such an amazing
result – I can’t wait to wear my new outfits. Your input, eye for detail and immaculate taste were invaluable. Thank You!” Hannah, 36, Artist.

“I was fed up of wearing the same outfits day in and day out simply because I had lost sight of what really suited me. Sonja’s wardrobe detox
and shopping trip were like a breath of fresh air. I am now projecting the right image for work and am no longer stuck in a rut. This has been
the best treat I have ever given myself!” Sarah, 34, Producer.

“Sonja, I can’t thank you enough for taking me shopping, introducing me to shops I would not normally dare to go in, brands I didn’t know and outfits that work for me. Your continuous follow-up emails suggesting new items are so helpful and spot on. It puts a smile on my face every
time I see one in my inbox. It feels so nice to have someone that takes care of my wardrobe, all I need to do is to get dressed which, thanks to you, has become very straight forward.” Laura, 42, Mother.

“I’ve always liked clothes, but never knew what was right for me. Sonja you’re passion about clothes is affectionate. Not only are you stylish as
can be you’re the kindest soul. Going through my wardrobe with you was so liberating, fun and efficient. Thank you for selling on the items that didin’t work for me and for suggesting which new ones to get. This is only the beginning, now you have to take me shopping!” Olivia, 45, Accountant.

“This was the best gift I ever gave my wife. Sonja thank you for making her so happy and even more beautiful than she was before” James, 56, CEO.



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